Friday, December 4, 2009

i am not showing off


since many weeks ago, i have been really stressed because there are alot of things going on in my life. some of them i thought i can't handle and some of them just happened without my control. but i always remember what my mama told me, "God will not give us problems that we cannot solve". with that, i stayed strong and went through my days with hardship but a smile plastered on my face.

especially on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th december, i am having exams. i know it is not my finals yet, but still, i don't want to blow this one off just like that. there is not reason why i should not do well right? i had my english paper on the 2nd and on the 3rd was my medicine paper which consists of EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING MEDICAL under the sun. and today was my SURGERY paper.....phewww.....

musn't lie to myself, but medicine paper was not easy, neither was it tough. it was fair, that i can say. depsite the fact that i did study (quite alot) for medicine, there are some questions that i do doubt myself. and since i have been concentrating on medicine so much, i didn't have time for my surgery subjects and surgery is my favourite. there are a bunch of things that i still haven't touched and i came to the hall this morning with the "whatever" feeling and that i just wanna get through the paper, regardless if i would pass it or not. honestly speaking, technically, i did not study at all for my surgery.

but once i saw the paper just now, i was like.....WHOA!!!.... i can't stop smiling and taking my time to answer each and every question. there are questions where i doubt myself, but most of it, i was confident that i might be right ;)

so, there you go.

now, i feel like am rather ready to face the world of medicine and hospitals and patients with something on my mind. before this, i wasn't sure that i could do it, really.....

happyness just don't even begin to describe what i am feeling right now.

p/s: my butt still aches from the IM voltran that i received yesterday. isn't it weird that i can do well in the paper that i did not read for but not for the paper that i ACTUALLY sat and read for.

pp/s: second wave of exams starts on the 17th.

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