Thursday, December 24, 2009

blinded by her persistent push, i forgot that it is all actually called love.

i watched The Blind Side this morning, right after i woke up. usually i would wake up and straight away have some breakfast. but for these past few days, i haven't been having breakfast and i have been snacking, hence the very severe gastric attack that is recurrently taking place. anyway, that is so not the story.

LeighAnne Touhy, the lady who took in Michael Oher from the streets one night when she saw him walking in the freezing cold, on the way to the school gym, because he had nowhere else to go. LeighAnne, she is a strong woman. she has the power of persuasion. she likes things to go her way, and mind you, THAT is the only way. i would think that she has an anankastic type of personality. whatever that her children do, is never enough. she keeps on pushing them to be better.

praises come in rare forms if it were to come from LeighAnne. but then again, those praises are sincere. she stands on her feet when it comes to making her point across the room, or across anyone at all, even the lady at the goverment service counter. if she doesn't like something, she made sure that it is heard.

whatever that she does, she already set in her mind that that is what is good for everyone, for her mainly because in the end she will be satisfied. although all these sound rather like a control freak (oh, yes she is), LeighAnne actually have a heart of gold. she is very well to do and she clicks with all the A-listers. but eventhough her life seems to be like a bed of roses, she never forgets about those that are in need. and this character of hers, liking to help others in any way possible, has rubbed off on her children as well.

LeighAnne Touhy reminds me of my mama.

really, when i watched the movie, i thought i saw my mama in there. she is all that LeighAnne is. she loves to push people, she wants things done her way, she cannot tolerate government ignorance, she has her feet down with anyone that is in contact with her.

mama is active in many kinds of charity work. helping the needy, orphans, the very ill people, any random stranger on the street, and mainly NGOs that are fighting against cancer. no matter if she is herself fit to help or not, she helps. that is how she is. and she never wants anything back. to her, helping others just make her day. make her have a reason to smile, make her satisfied to see others happy. and i am most glad that this trait of mama, has rubbed on on me. helping people in any way possible just gives me an unexplainable high that only i guess mama and i secretly understands. it may seem weird to others, but it ain't weird to the both of us.

and mostly, mama wants the best for her children. like LeighAnne Touhy, if you mess with her children, you're so done for. she will make your life as miserable as hell soon after she knows that you are responsible in making her children unhappy. mama will push us to the wall because she knows that we all work better under pressure. well, at least i do, i am not too sure about others. the jet black carbon that is put under constant high pressure will in the end turn out to be a diamond that is priceless. and that is just what we are. we are mama's precious diamonds.

i love you ma.

p/s: i actually cried watching this movie because now i realize how beautiful a mother's love can be.


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