Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fatine Young

LONDON - Seorang lelaki Britain, Ian Young menyunting seorang mak nyah warga Malaysia yang dikenali sebagai Fatine untuk menjadi 'isterinya', lapor sebuah akhbar semalam.
Ian, 30, yang memiliki sebuah syarikat penyelenggaraan hartanah berkahwin dengan Fatine, 36, dalam satu majlis sivil di sini Mei lepas.
Dia berkenalan dengan Fatine di sebuah kafe Starbucks di Menara Berkembar Petronas, Kuala Lumpur pada Ogos 2006 ketika dia bekerja sebagai pegawai keselamatan di Malaysia.
Terpegun dengan kejelitaan mak nyah tersebut, Ian yang pada mulanya menyangka Fatine seorang wanita, cuba memikatnya.
Lelaki itu berkata, keserasian antara mereka menimbulkan bibit cinta dan dia berasa bertuah dapat bertemu dengan kekasih yang mengambil berat dan pandai menjaga hatinya.
"Saya tidak peduli sama ada dia seorang mak nyah. Saya mencintai keperibadiannya. Bagi saya Fatine seorang wanita yang cantik dan menawan," kata Ian yang sebelum ini mempunyai seorang teman wanita berbangsa Inggeris.
Fatine atau nama sebenarnya Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari mengambil hormon wanita sejak berusia 17 tahun.
Jurusolek itu tidak mahu melakukan pembedahan penukaran jantina kerana takut pada risiko di samping gembira dengan keadaan dirinya yang sedia ada.
Pada Disember 2008, Ian membawa Fatine ke Britain dengan menggunakan visa pelawat tetapi 'isterinya' itu kini bakal dihantar pulang Malaysia kerana tinggal di negara itu melebihi tempoh enam bulan. - Agensi


I fell for the woman of my dreams... and she turned out to be a he

WHEN Ian Young sat down next to a beautiful woman in a packed cafe in Kuala Lumpur, he had no idea they would one day be married.

Nor did he know that his pretty companion was a man.

In just three years, Ian has gone from being a straight lad from Derby - who was with his previous girlfriend for eight years - to being in a full-time same-sex relationship.

Ian married 36-year-old Fatine, who is a pre-op transsexual, in a British civil partnership ceremony in May.

But now Fatine faces deportation back to Malaysia, where homosexuality is ILLEGAL.

Ian, 30, who owns his own property maintenance company, says: "I know it is hard for people to understand but I love Fatine. I feel lucky to have met such a caring, wonderful person.

"It doesn't matter to me that she is a transsexual - it's the person she is inside that I care about and love.

"I can't contemplate the idea of us not being together. I look at her and see a beautiful woman."

Ian met Fatine in a Starbucks cafe in the Malaysian capital's famous Petronas Towers in August 2006. He was working as a security officer in the country at the time.

He says: "I asked if I could nick the seat next to her. When she looked up and said, 'Yes' I was overwhelmed by her striking eyes and exotic features.

"We started talking and I was immediately impressed by how good her English was. When she got up to leave I asked for her number.

"That's when she said she might not be what I was looking for and that she was actually a transsexual. I just said, 'Oh' and blushed with embarrassment. But for some reason I wasn't put off.

"I'd never met a transsexual before and my instinct was that I liked Fatine. Even if it was just as friends, I wanted to meet her again."

Two days later Ian and Fatine, who was born Mohammed Fazdil Bin Min Bahari, met at a bar - and kissed at the end of the night.

Ian says: "It just felt right. My first impression in the coffee shop was that Fatine was a woman.

"If she happened to have male sex organs then that was some sort of birth defect. I never thought of her as a man."

The couple met twice more and agreed the feelings they had were more than just friendship.

Ian says: "I was planning to go back to the UK but Fatine was such a warm, gentle person she drew me in.

"I was treated like a meal ticket by other Malaysian girls. But Fatine was different - a successful make-up artist and independent woman."

But the fledgling relationship was not without its problems.

Ian says: "Being a straight man I did have a few concerns about the way I was feeling.

"I wondered if it meant I was gay and I was scared what had happened wasn't right, but I couldn't ignore how I felt."

Fatine, who has taken female hormones since the age of 17, does not want gender reassignment surgery because of the risks involved and because she is happy with her body as it is.

She was also nervous about starting a relationship in a country where transsexuals are often sacked or arrested.

Ian says: "She was disowned by her mother and had encountered a lot of prejudice.

"I began to understand that Fatine and her friends were not a freak show but ordinary people like you or me who just happened to have been born into the wrong body."

When Ian's contract finished five months later he returned to Derby, but he and Fatine realised they both felt strongly about each other. Ian arranged to return to Kuala Lumpur to work, but not before telling all to his mum Patricia.

He recalls: "Mum was fantastic. Having her support was a huge weight off my shoulders."

On his second visit, in October 2007, Ian and Fatine felt ready for a physical relationship.

Ian says: "I was scared about what would happen if sex didn't work. I needn't have worried and it only helped bring us closer. If you love someone, you accept their body no matter how it is."

In December 2008 Ian arranged for Fatine to travel to the UK on a visitor's visa. However, a holiday soon became a long-term stay.

Ian says: "The realisation we could walk down the street together and be happy made it hard to contemplate ever going back to Malaysia.

"I started feeling incredibly proud to have Fatine on my arm."

A month into Fatine's visit Ian proposed and they applied to the Home Office for a Certificate of Approval to Marry. This allowed them to proceed with a civil partnership, which they hoped would support Fatine in getting a permanent visa.

Ian says of the ceremony: "My friends and family turned out to Derby Register Office and their presence was a huge boost.

"Everyone was so supportive. Mum said, 'I've got a son and a daughter now'. For Fatine it was strange to be surrounded by people who were so accepting of her and our relationship.

"Fatine wore a beautiful red silk dress and looked utterly stunning."

Ian has been pleasantly surprised by people's acceptance. He says: "There is always a moment of shock on their face when they find out Fatine isn't a woman. Seconds later they accept it, then ask if I'm gay. But, as strange as it sounds, I'd never say I fancy men."

Despite their dedication to each other, the couple's plans to stay in the UK are now in turmoil after Fatine's Leave To Remain Visa was refused in September on the grounds of an incorrect passport photo.

Their second application was rejected because it was received after Fatine's visitor's visa expired. She has now been told to return to Malaysia.

Ian says: "I simply don't accept the reasons we have been given for each refusal of the application.

"Our local MP has even got in touch with the Home Office but they won't budge. They say Fatine has to return to Malaysia, which is something we wouldn't be able to do as a couple.

"Over there we would face imprisonment just for living together.

"We want to do simple things like have a mortgage. We feel desperate, our options are quickly running out.

"Fatine can reapply from Malaysia but who knows how long that would take, or if it would even be accepted.

"We might be different from your average couple but we love each other - and being forced apart is our worst nightmare."

Head of Immigration for the UK Border Agency, Matthew Coats, said: "This applicant entered the UK as a visitor. The rules are clear that a visitor must leave the UK within six months but may reapply for a new visa from their country of origin."


didiey ;) said...

ok fine.Maknyah pun laku ;)

ms.vanilla said...

pehal laa
cinta tu terlalu buta, mata hati pn tertutup...isk3~

redSeptember said...

@ didiey: kalau REd jadi paknyah, rasa ada tak pompuan nak? huhuhh

@ ms.vanilla: sokong. cinta itu buta. trust me.

nadia said...

habis la kita yg pompuan ni klo maknyah dh kawin dgn laki kita nak kawin dgn sape?!

oh btw red tak sanggup i jd paknyah! haha~

cik embun ayu said...

what is ur opinion on this issue darling? he is cun indeed kan?

redSeptember said...

@ hawtness: i nak kahwin dengan dia... kalau i paknyah, you jadi GF i bleh? :)

@ cik embun ayu: i think it is really not fatine's fault. some people are born with both sexes and they don't have the choice when they were born. they only realized their true self after they hit puberty. she looks gorgeous in the red silk dress. although in that black dress, she does look like a dude :P

djambu puadovich said...

dude look like a lady...

Anonymous said...

give love a chance....

Anonymous said...

Hi redSeptember,

Regarding your post "i think it is really not fatine's fault. some people are born with both sexes and they don't have the choice when they were born. they only realized their true self after they hit puberty. she looks gorgeous in the red silk dress. although in that black dress, she does look like a dude :P"

Im happy there are people like you in this world who dont condemn Fatine immediately just because of her choice to marry Ian.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara bang/kak..

just my humble opinion...

Anonymous said...

By the way, CIVIL PARTNERSHIP CEREMONY, is not an akad nikah. It's a LEGAL ceremony. Just for Fatine to enjoy the LEGAL benefit as Ian's wife. Doesnt have anything to do with KAHWIN, AGAMA or etc.

Please understand the difference.
Thank you.

redSeptember said...

seems that people misunderstood my opinion on this matter. i never mentioned that this marriage between them is abiding the rules of religion, any religion that is. God has made men and women to marry each other of the opposite sex, not of the same sex.
Now, this legal marriage between them is just abiding the worldly law so that they can do and benefit from whatever a normal marriage can. like sharing of properties, buying of properties, next of kin, sex, and all that.
i believe that God is the only entity that can judge our doings. so, if we have already advice them, and i am pretty sure that they know what is wrong and what is right, what else can we do?
lets just all live peacefully. we don't need another speck of hatred in this world. afterall, it is not like we are all saints who have done nothing wrong and we are to judge others, right?

Anonymous said...

suma salah dulu2 meh..."undang2".
dah ada dlm AlQuran yg benda nie "xkekal" lama..
Berbalik mengenai Quran"dilindungi->mean that tiada diubah2 dan sesuai sepanjang zaman"
Nah...,nak berdalih apa lg??? Nak tunjuk "power".Create suatu yg lain...."diaorg tu nak tunjuk yg daorg lebih bagus drpd Yg Esa"
-->kalu kena pd ayat sy..ini bermakna daorg sama je ngan Zionis..bongkak.takbur...
-->"lihat antara contoh2 nk kiamat juga".Ada x disebut benda sebegini..korunk nak tau?? contoh ini dh ada sblm terjadinya kes sebegini..bermakna tepatlah apa yg ada dlm Quran.korunk bleh nampak "kehebatan Quran" drpd sini.Mungkin jika ada yg "jahil"..daorg akan ckp "tekaan","hipotesis" dan sebagainya..Em,kalu difikirkan blk.Bukankah "tekaan" itu sumua kena pd tempatnya?? adakah org yg buleh buat begitu? wlaupun beribu abad lamanya, mereka masih dpt meneka apa yg bakal terjadi pd kita di akhir nt?ada??
-->jgn tunggu dan lihat shj..dh terjadi baru tergadah.nak lihat matahari terbit dr barat ke timur??masa tue ditutup sudah pintu keampunan taubat.."-->dah bgtau dlm Quran nie"
-->"dlm kajian astronomi dan geodesi sudah ada byk perbezaan...klu diikut dlm fakta Quran dan hasil kajian.Dunia kita sudah byk perubahan.Tggu masa utk musnah.."
-->sebenarnya byk lg yg kita tidak tahu.Hanya Tuhan Yg Maha Mengetahuinya...kita yg ada mestilah berusaha dan bertawakal akannya.Byk2lah kaji isi2 AlQuran dan hadis nabi..InsyaAllah,sy harap semuanya berjaya dan mendapat cahaya pertunjuk drpd Illahi.Salah dan silap kata mintak dimaafkan..maklumlah,sy jg insan yg lemah senantiasa mempersiapi diri juga...


Anonymous said...

lupakah kamu denganu kaum lut....

Anonymous said...

muhammad fadzil ini telah membelakangkan agamanya. Saya berdoa semoga Allah membuka pintu hatinya kembali kepada Islam dan memilih jalan yg betul. Ian Young bukan seorg Muslim. Dan Fadzil seorg lelaki. Hubungan yg sgt terlarang di sisi Islam. Any objection to this statement?

homecare uk ltd said...

she is a repulsive scammer and a shame to malasia she huts people and distroys lives
she should see she sould be shamed ant set home to face all the people she insulted
ian young her distroyed husband

Bina Cela said...

Tah apa apa la korang…..setakat hal macam ni pun nak kecoh kecoh.cuba korang fikir..pondan berlambak2 kat Malaysia semuanya menderita..tapi still tak bleh nak bendung kewujudan pondan sbb Allah dah janjikan kepada kita dugaan yg maha hebat untuk manusia.So tak kira jantan ker pompuan ker pondan ker sama saja.Masing-masing ada malaikat kat bahu kiri kanan.Biorlah Fatine nie dgn hidup dia.Yang korang nak pening pening kepala nak buat kecoh soal agama kat sini buat apa…Malu konon!!! Kepala bapak kau la yg malu! Yang anak Melayu buat hal (selain drpd fatin) tu kau x nak kata malu????…..Biorlah dia nak kawin ker nak apa ker…lubang jubo dia sendirilah dia jaga! Lagipun dia kawin civil jer beb…kat pejabat guaman…just sign atas kertas….bukannya dok kawin kat gereja yes i do bawak salib sana sini…….ko tahu kan murtad tuh macam mana? dari niat perbuatan dan hati??? So ?? lu pikirlah sendiri….dia kawin secara cilil la bongok….so senanglah dia nak dapat taraf penduduk tetap kat sana……alangkah pelacur jual puki pun lama lama boleh bertaubat…….pelacur zaman nabi bagi air kan anjing boleh masuk syurga inikan pula insan lemah bernama Fatine Young ni…..biarla dia decide apa yg dia nak…kau doakan dia mendapat hidayah allah untuk kembali kepangkal jalan sudah…serabut la korang ni

Anonymous said...

in this situation.. i think both of them are wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bukan dia minta pun di lahirkan ada 2 jantina.. korg kutuk2x dia pun bukan slaah silap dia... kalau dah jalan kehidupan dia tersurat macam tu oleh allah... esok2x anak korang di lahirkan khunsa baru korang merasa apa dia rasa...