Friday, November 6, 2009


first of all, i would like to thank farhana for giving me the heads-up on this guy. thanks so much dear!!

does this entry ring a bell? click here

ok, what about this one? see here

read the "self-introduction" part and compare it with the one from

almost exactly the same except for some minor tweaks here and there, eh?

this guy (whatever his name is) has been busy copy-pasting entries from various blogs to make them his own. i don't know how many bloggers has he been following to copy their entries, but i am one of them as well as farhana. omg!! seriously?!?! what is the point of having a blog if you are just taking entries from others? i mean, if you want to take the ideas but put it in your own words, that'd be fine. but COPYING???

where are your brains dude? or that space between your ears is actually filled with balls? you know what i mean.

i wanted to comment on his blog but he disabled the comment moderation which means that the comments will be published only after his approval. so, what is the point of commenting if he ain't gonna publish it. he doesn't even have the guts to put up his email. so, there's no way for me to get in touch with him. once he wrote in his blog sometime in june this year, he advises others to have their own blog and "CARI IDENTITY SENDIRI". dude, dabel-yu-ti-eff!!

dude, why don't you copy-paste this entry and put it up your blog? i know you want to.

p/s: thanks to djambu sayang for teaching me how to "print screen". ok, i am computer illeterate. shoot me.


alhariesz said...

apakah nerakanya ini? (kindly translate to English)

bikin malu tol la mamat nih...

♥miszluna™ said...

skrg mmg musim copycat kena kena

n ramai lg la..

tp ni laki copy..
xde identiti lgsg

nadia said...

loserrrr ah mamat ni!

djambu puadovich said...


tembak REd...hehe :P

Anonymous said...

wut a coincidence... da same guy!

browse thru diz url :-

atikahidayu said...

same blogger yg kopykat the apekesni blog...
kelakarla kaum2 kopy nih

macha_sezs said...

at least u shud be proud babe.

nampak sangat blog u femes.

loser la mamat tu.

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

jom saman dia..

redSeptember said...

@ alhariesz: dah, REd dah guna google translater. jawapannya ialah: WHAT IS HELL THIS?

@ miszluna: identity dia adalah cannon copier machine

@ nadia: you got that right!!

@ djambu: ok ok, i know i am THAT bad with computers

@ anonymous: mamat ni nak kena ni... serious!

@ atikahidayu: macam pondan

@ macha sezs: ^00^

@ fatul: boleh ekk?

Mighty Jacksparrow said...


gave him some wise words of advice.

probably intimidating words, as well.

it is now settled, i suppose?



redSeptember said...

@ maiti: thanks for talking to him. so he really does exist huh? well, i hope your talk gives him an impact he can't forget. one that will make realize that it is not wise to do what he is proudly doing.