Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Paranormal activity: the kettle.

i woke up this morning and did my routine activities. i went to the kitchen to make some hot oats. so, i boiled some water in the RICE COOKER. then nature called for me to take a piss. i left the kitchen and went to the toilet.

that morning, there were only me and YY. the other person was not home.

after i had finished with my business, i went back to the kitchen to check on the water in the RICE COOKER. i sensed something really weird before i entered the kitchen because i heard the sound of water boiling from the electrical kettle.

yes, water was boiling in the electrical kettle.

no, YY was still sound asleep as i did not hear her coming out from her room. see, her door creaks like hell and i would know if she had woken up to put the kettle on. no, i did not use the kettle at all. i did not fill it up, i did not put it on. but it was on when i went to the kitchen for the second time. no, the other person did not just come back to put the kettle on. she was still not home.

so, my question is, who did?


djambu puadovich said...

dlm cerek ada air x?

redSeptember said...

macam mana nak boil kalau takde air. tentu lah ada....

what difference does it make?

air tu memang dah ada dari malam semalam punya lagi.

djambu puadovich said...

xda la paranormal sgt...klo xda air tp bunyi cerek, baru la paranormal...

klo cerek tu tetiba menyanyi ke, memanggil2 ke...tu laaaaagi paranormal~