Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mamma Mee-a!

I woke up extra early today simply because i can't sleep anymore. i slept at abt 1200 am yesterday and i can't force myself to sleep. i was awake at 0603. decided to clean myself up and do my prayers and all. and now.... i HAVE NOTHING TO DO. so, ok, why not fill this time by writing out my first FOOD BLOG ever!

i have been wanting to write a FOOD BLOG since i read a few foodies' blogs over the net. most of them are from singapore and i noticed that they are lacking reviews of the amazing food that are available in MALAYSIA. i hope this new addition to the FOODIES' blogs that i am making an attempt to write will give some benefit to everyone (are there actually anyone who reads my blog? haiiishhhh).

for my first FOOD BLOG ever, i wanna give a review about this hidden treasure place that (thank God!) we found somewhere near where we are staying. this place is kinda secluded as to the fact it is rather new.

the first impression when you enter this restaurant would be 'haiisshhh, another kopitiam arr?" see, the new-age, high-end kopitiams are growing and appearing like popping rabbits nowadays. and it seems like they have no inclination of making it somewhat different from the other. they serve the same blahdy thing in almost ALL the kopitiams. but this place that we found is so much different. the setting is like a kopitiam setting. the ambience was very rustic and the place is so CLEAN!

the counter where food are prepared. very kampung looking right? i like.....

there are alot of these traditional bits and pieces that are found all over the place. really cute and reminds you so much of being in the desa....look at the stools! classic ain't it?

we sat and have a look at the menu. it was a simple 2-face page cardboard thingy. but the detail that they put into designing the menu, it simply look adorable.

the MENU.

this were what we ordered:

HOT BARLEY: nothing much to say about this as it tastes the same as any other kopitiam barley. it has a hint of pandan in it. it is premixed with sugar. so for those who want it to be sugar-free, i am so sorry, but you have no say in this. but the sweet waiter asked if i want mine to be less sweet. i opted for that and yeah, true to his words, it was less sweet, which i managed to drink but end up feeling super guilty! (gawwssshhh.... i am so damn paranoid!) RM 1.80

CINCAU: same thing oso. RM2.00

MEE JAWA: this was the first to arrive. the serving was HUGE!. it came with sambal kosong, sambal sotong, half an egg, and some chinese-style crackers. the gravy was not too thick and the seasoning of everything was perfect to the T. it is not too spicy for those who can't take spicy food. but it is definately DELICIOUS! RM6.90

ASAM LAKSA: this one tastes EXACTLY like the ones that you can find ONLY in GURNEY DRIVE, PENANG! i am so not over exagerrating on this but it is TRUE! the gravy was perfect, the serving was HUGE, it had pineapple slices, daun kesum, and all that jazz! this is so mouthwatering. i wanted to order one for myself but seeing that i had GASTRIC attack (why la now??), i couldn't eat much. so i was basically pinching from others. RM5.90

NYONYA FRIED CHICKEN: i didn't eat this one cause it was deep-fried. but it looked too tempting that i was on the verge of having a bite of it!!! (noooo... control is the key!). nevertheless, others who had it said that it was sooooo nice. the marinade was perfect and the sauce that came with it was good, not too sweet and not too spicy. the serving size was not so bite-sized therefore, it was worth it. the chicken pieces were crispy on the outside, yet still very moist inside, unlike some other places where you get the chicken to be super dehydrated if want it to be crispy. RM6.00

BUBUR PULUT HITAM: sorry cause i didn't have a picture of this. kinda forget to take a snap of it. but it looked amazing! it was thick and smelled really good. it was not too sweet and the hint of coconut milk made it all too addictive. the bowl was BIG that one could be shared. it was served warm, just nice for consumption. RM4.00

All in all, this place is very2 worth it. i would highly recommend this. when the bill came, there was no service charge to boot! how cool is that. the service was great, the place was clean and yet they don't charge us on this.

ADD: MEE JAWA, Unit B-0-3A, Block B, Casa Tropicana.

Tel: 012-4835555


Of course this place is CERTIFIED as HALAL!

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