Tuesday, January 22, 2008

an early bird caught the worm (thaaattttsssss MOI!)

today started off super duper well!! see, although i had to wake up extra early this morning (eh, early? i mmg kenot sleep one right?) to send amal for her cross country run (waaaaa!!! her blahdy ejit school didn't allow me to be the pacerunner leyyyy.... what is this?!??!), and send amira to college for her i-dun-noe-what, it was worth every single bit of it!
we were stuck in the morning school jam (blahdy chinese school!! hey, i am not racist k. but this school is super blahdy irritationg no matter where it is!) even tho we dashed out of the house at approx 0650. so, instead of my usual dose of ERA.FM, i had to tune in to HITZ.FM (thank GOD!) because my lovely sisters are ENGLISH-songs-only listeners.

so, JJ and RUDY were doing the 'SING IT TO ME BABY! UHUH! UHUH!' segment and out of impulse (as always), i gave them a buzz. initially, i accidentally dialled ERA.FM's number but i quickly realized this mistake and dialled the correct number. at the SECOND try, i got thru. actually, i have no idea as to how to go about playing this game, but i pressed on. it was damn funny leyy! cause i was trying to figure out what i was supposed to do. i trudged on, and finally got away with it. and guess what??? tho JJ said i had 'timing issues' with the singalong to 'SING IT WITH ME BABY! UHUH! UHUH!', i dun effing care. i had FUN with the DJs and a girl named felicia (hey, don't read it the wrong way k). the best thing was.... I WON!!! the prize was RM100 cash and CIBA VISION coloured contact lenses. woot! woot!

i hope the colour is green cause i know some people are just GREEN WITH ENVY with me right now. ALHAMDULILLAH... my LUCK struck yet again.

then in the mid morn, i joined mama to be a volunteer in the NATIONAL CANCER CENTRE of MALAYSIA. i felt kinda awkward at first cause i have never gone to this kind of things before. so, we met up with the surviving cancer patients and today, we had to give them an aromatherapy massage. i was practically shakaing at first cause i was afraid that i might hurt my partner. but in the end, she (my partner is an expat's wife hailing from northern india who had just had a masectomy) asked me to put more pressure in my massage as i was too 'delicate' hehehehe.... i gave her a nice head, back, hand, and face massage. we even had a nice talk.
it was so much fun as the organisers took me in as one of them right away, especially aunt cindy from kentucky. i was practically the youngest one there and one of the patients said that i looked a pro masseus (did i spell this right?).

as always, they didn't know that i finished high school already and well in my way thru uni. they tot that i was still in high school and kept on asking of what were i to do when i graduate from high school.... ahhhh.... kembang seyy...

i felt good helping them feel good.

try it.


JJ hitz.fm said...

Glad you listen to us and hope you had fun. Thank you for listening girl. You ROCK!!

redSeptember said...

coolio!!! JJ is the first commentor (this word exists arr?) on my BLOG!!! woot! woot!