Wednesday, January 23, 2008

confessions of a coffee addict (the REAL re-enactment!)

i have been off coffee for the past 4 days simply because we ran out of stock of coffee at home. it is not that i don't wanna go and buy a new pack of coffee but it is just that if i were to buy the usual NESCAFE, it is so damn boring and not strong enough for me. the DAVIDOFF and JACOBS coffees are too expensive here in m'sia and i sure don't wanna blow what's left of my $$ in my purse to COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF because the $$ should be used for some other stuffs which are more important (now tell me, what is more important than having my FIX eh? haiishhh, i should learn how to PRIORITIZE....).

so, what do i do? how can i go thru this? i am a self-confessed coffee addict. i HAVE, no i MUST have my coffee fix at least twice per day, that is how bad i am. to top that, it does not make me stay awake at all. i am already tolerant to it. all it does is that it gives me the comfortable feeling of having some kind of stimulant in my body.

with a hardcore determination, i decided to go and do the unimaginable: i tried to make some coffee with whatever devices and raw materials that we have at home. so this is my short-lived journey of what i went thru to have ONE (unsuccessful) coffee fix. it's sad. so, be ready with some kleenex to dry those puffy eyes later.....

it started off with a handful of coffee beans that mama got fron Wien (see in the background: JACAOBS ESPRESSO k).

wanted to use this coffee maker that mama got for me from Wien also. but this thing does not grind the coffee beans and we need coffee filter paper, which we don't have. i don't wanna spoil this thing, so i decided not to use it.

instead, i went MALAYSIAN style and used the old school pestle and mortar (batu lesung and batu tumbuk la). but you know right, even if you use the food processor, or blender, or this, the smell and the essence of the last thing (imagine the taste of COFFEE + BELACAN or COFFEE + KUNYIT, mesti sodap!!) that was put in here is stuck there, right.

so, i moved on to using a plastic cup as the base. amazingly, i managed to crush the beans.

but not as fine as i desired. nevermind, as long as i get to have the beans crushed, i can only hope and pray that the next step to this culinary adventure (as amira would call it), is getting my COFFEE FIX! woooohoooo!!!

to my dismay, this was the result of my heart wrenching, muscle busting (at least i got a good workout, eh?) effort. even with hot boiling water, i didn't get the heavenly brew i wanted (cue: enter kleenex, start crying your hearts out).

in the end, like a true ADDICT, i just started to chew on some of the beans. told you, i BADLY NEEDED my caffein fix.

sad ain't it?

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