Saturday, January 26, 2008


have you ever wondered how long the SUNWAY ICE RINK (if you could actually EVER CONSIDER it as an ICE RINK that is....) has been around? well, i know you have loads of other things to wonder about, nevertheless, i DID. I WONDERED how long have that rink been around and only YESTERDAY that i braved myself (actually, i wanted to TEACH my sister how to skate since i have been skating for awhile when i was in russia. gawsh, this is a classic case of 'KETAM MENGAJAR ANAKNYA BERJALAN') to go on the ICE.

as always, i wanna be the PRO of 'em all. but what a shame when i discovered that there are so many others that are soooooo TERE! even those tiny minute little creatures that have their skates bigger than their faces, can skate like a PRO!

after some rounds, i got bored and wanted to show off my skills. i started skating backwards, turning and even attempted to do the amateur FIGURE EIGHT.

.....i guess, writing the number 8 on a piece of paper using my toes to hold the pen would be much much much more easier.

as you would have guessed, my attempt was to no avail. more like i kept on loosing my balance and lucky enough, i did not have to suffer the embarassment of falling.

then, i was eyeing the mini people (kids, i mean) having their lessons. i tried to pick up some of the skills that were tot. so what now, you ask? well, what else, but to skate with one leg only!

i did lift up my leg and yeah, i managed to skate with ONE LEG ONLY (albeit is being only for a few centimetres from the starting point). but of course i don't look like this. good part is: at least i was dressed almost like this, with my tights and fru-fru skirt, and the works (gawsh!!! the length i'd go to look the part!)

well, i did enjoy myself tho, which is much more important right. yeah, and i burned somw calories while having fun!

today, i woke up with a bad ass bruise on my pretibial area (that is the skin your foreleg, for those who dunno....). haissshh.... you have fun loads and you HAVE to suffer a little, yeah?

take it or leave it.

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djambu puadovich said...

pretibial area?

shin ke? hehe...shin tu ckp melayunye keting...:)