Sunday, January 20, 2008

ketupat is my current phobia

This morning (19th JAN '08), i woke up at the break of dawn (actually, way before that. i woke up at 0530,eventho i slept only at about 0100 in the morn!) to get ready to join the 8thPLORACE, organised by UM students, and was introduced to me by non other than MASTURAH. I was all psyched up about the race cause i have been wanting to join this kind of get-up since the existence of the amazing race. since last year i didn't manage to join the REAL TARA II, i guess, this shall suffice (or prolly this is the prelimenarie round for the REAL TARA III that i am planning to join?).

....the briefing session before the race. not much of a help tho....(-_-")

there were 4 of us in each group. my team was called the MAROON 4 (cause mas likes the colour maroon) and consists of me, mas, udin, and os. i don't even know these 2 guys but as the race goes, we stick to the team power and regardless of our lack of introduction to each other, we became united as one.

....masturah and moi....

.............udin, down to his last drop of sweat to do the KNOT (actually, i did all 4 with the help of some guy that i chatted with :P). beside him is os (sorry os, i didn't have a pic of you...)

today, i have done quite some things that i never tot that i would in a lifetime. these are the tasks that we had to do:

  • terjun masuk sawah padi - at first i was reluctant to do this so os jumped in first. then, since the poor darling can't find the right clue (Cause at first he got a dummy), i didn't think any further, took of my shoes and socks, with my bag still on my back (mind you, it ain't LIGHT), i jumped into the sawah padi and the first word out of my mouth was 'FUCK'. i can't believe i was actually up to my knees in mud and i was trudging with my hands into the mud to look for clues! gawsh!! the things i'd do to WIN!
  • the SUDOKU challenge - who would have tot right? as an ardent sudoku player, i tried to solve it. but my nerves got the best of me and most of the numbers were jumbled in my head like mad! so, udin jumped in, as well as mas and os, and we managed to get it done in record time.

F/N: from the sawah padi to the sudoku area, it was grass and land and guess what, i ran BAREFOOT from one point to the other! who the hell cares!

  • Rumah Terengganu - THIS was the most effing task ever! i was so damn happy when they said that we had to make 5 ketupat casings. thank God! was my first tot cause i know how to make 'em. but after i am done with all 5, the effing marshals want them in 'ketupat bawang' style. what the ef?!??! i have no idea of how to make them. and because of this TASK, we actually didn't win any place in the rank of winners. we were stuck here for almost 2 hours. i nearly cried, not because of the gastric pain that was so overwhelming, but because of the thought that i know we won't make it as winners. stupid organizers!
  • the fear food - here, all of us had to eat whatever that was given to us. and yeah, i was afraid. not because of the weird food combo that they might give us, but because i was afraid that they might give us any calorie/fat/sugar laden food that i don't think i can take! but thankfully, it was only a mix of cili sauce + kicap + raw egg. i took it in one gulp without thinking. i nearly effing puke everything out but i guess, taking into consideration that i was actually very HUNGRY, the mix didn't manage to make it's way out from my mouth.
  • the TOWER - me and os ran to the next task, followed by mas and udin. i didn't want to be tagged as the HOGGER of tasks, so, i let os do the honours of this one. he really is so adorable and he ran up the tower to get the next clue. we were cheering him on from below. poor fellow, the amount of sweat!
  • science of orchids - this was hands down, MY task. there were 10 SCIENTIFIC names of orchids out of which, 5 we have to remember and announce them to the marshall. i did it in one go and the marshall was astounded that i did it so fast and without mistake. hehehehe... that is the advantage of all those nights planting my nose in books (gawsh!!! have i become a geek???).
  • the KNOT - this is another stupid EFFING task. we had to tie a chinese symbolic knot to perfection. mind you, it ain't EASY! i tried calling JO-EE for help (tho i know it won't make much different because she can't see what i was doing. but still, kenapa kau tak jawap arr??), but to know avail. good part was, i had fun flirting!! :P amazing, i actually know how to flirt and the guys were so adorably funny anf helpful cause they were the ones who actually tied the knots for my team (ahhh.... i know how to work my charm right).
  • the DAM - it is DAMN far from the last point and it was uphill. running was a tad too much for me but i still press on. tot that we were gonna swim or shaites like that. but actually, it was an entry point to the jungle trekking task. it was a long trek in and yeah, i was actually running.
  • the SPICE - i can't quite remember when did this task come in. i did this one. super EASY! we had to sniff some spices while being blindfolded and guess what are they. thanks to my knowledge in the culinary world (i am effing sure that i know more than amira ehhehe), this one was just a swing by.

after the jungle trek, there were 2 more tasks to be completed but we didn't do it because there is no need to. there are teams that already won and it made no difference as to whether we did the task or not.

at this point, i was at an all low. i really wanted to win.

come to think again, i ruled out the bad and the good things that happened today. and guess what??? the good prevailed!

  • burned like a gazillion calories - CHECK
  • did things that i never thought i could - CHECK
  • check out cute guys - CHECK
  • flirt with guys - SUPER CHECK
  • made new friends - CHECK
  • made guys jealous of me cause i had more stamina than them - DOUBLE CHECK

so i guess, winning ain't everything. FUN is what that is REALLY IMPORTANT

MAS, thanks for the race today.

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