Monday, January 28, 2008

christmas all over again for me (the RED and GREEN story)

this is just a short note (eh, this sound just like what my lecturers would say: "short note questions". exams are over la weiii!!! takyah nak poyo kat sini!!!) to share my joys for today. really, i am believing so much that with much patience and trust, many miracles could happen, slowly, but definitely, surely.
the morning today started off by me faking my sleep so that i dun have to send me lil' sis to school simply because i am so damn lazy. but cause i know she'd love it for me to send her instead of anyone else (ceeeehhhhhh.... bangga seyy \(^00^)/ ), i woke up and got ready. usually, my idea of getting ready is just to put on something decent, brush the hair strewn all over my face due to sleeping, and then ciao la apa lagi kan.
but this morn, something was different. i felt like i wanted to take a shower and wash my face and brush my teeth, all that just to send me lil' sis to school (i was thinking: "am i dying? why am i doing all these weird things?"). sent her off, came back and had me brekkies (wheatbiscuit + milk + soybeans), watch something on the tube (nothing actually cause ASTRO is SUPER CRAP nowadays), and then i was left with thoughts of what to do. i decided on gardening (uisshhh... don't pray pray, i DO HAVE GREEN THUMB k! my plants are doing fine, thank you very much), and folding the laundry. after all that, i just sat aimlessly (again in front of telly. cue: where is the hang rope already?), letting the time pass me by.
i have a weak bladder so therefore my next step was to the LOO (not the LOURVE k. weel, at least i wish i could go there). i didn't expect or suspect anything but today i was in for a surprise. i see RED.

yeah, i know, too much details right? actually, for those who know me, they would know that i am soooo damn happy now that i am back to NORMAL again. alhamdulillah.... i have been on the "dry land" for a little over 2 years due to my severe weight loss (now tembam like mad already!!! waaaa..... kena loose a bit lohhh). i tot i was undergoing immature menopause and i was sad but i never showed it. now, not anymore. i feel super brand NEW! so damn happy!!!

that was the RED part of the story. now, lets move on to the GREEN, shall we?

since we didn't manage to tailor-make our baju raya last year, this year, mama came up with another tactic (gawwwsshhh!!! are we playing COUNTER STRIKE here?). her brilliant idea is to get the materials as soon as NOW and start the process of looking for the best tailor to make our garments. but because we are all GIRLS, the subject of what colour would the baju raya be this year was almost a warcrime, hair-pulling, ass-spanking (eh,this part is good right?) episode. so, we've decided to draw lots. see, for the reason of being fair, i decided that the odds should be 1:10 rather than 1:4. so, i wrote down the 7 colours of the rainbow and added brown (mama's choice), white, and turquoise. mama was the person to draw and i (again) was the announcer of the result. and the winner is......

step 1: wear GREEN baju raya!

......ME of course! i wanted GREEN and we got GREEN!

F/N: not so 'SHORT NOTE' after all eh?

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