Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i see dead CICAK

well, as you all are aware of, CICAK has recently made it to my list of weird things that i am afraid of (apart from durian, bald heads [some are ok], closed space...etc...). for the length that i was here ALONE in this apartment that was meant for 9 people to stay (and then there was 1 = ME), i kept on noticing this devilish-looking wall-climbers (why tony parker is not here?). they excreted on my table, on the floor, they run around like it was a mini playground, and hell! these shameless things even tried mating in front of my eyes!!! crazee!!! i mean, yeah, i have been single for sometime now, but no need for the rub-in-my face gestures!

so, yesterday, i just got back and i kept on whiffing this horrid smell. tot it was a dead rat or sth. but i am pretty sure that this place does not bear any (this place only bears flies, pigs, mosquitoes, ants, and CICAKs). i was wondering like mad, where was it coming from. after about 4 hours, i finally found it........

dead and dried in MY DRAWER!!!

does anyone have the number for the industrial cleaners? i need it please.

good news: one less CICAK in this world!

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