Wednesday, January 30, 2008

eating is the new BLACK

I like this place since the first time i tried it (i think it was sometime early last year) simply because it has a nice feel to it. the ambience is rather laid back and yet quite sleek and classy (judging by the decor and furniture and also because they have cute waiters who are always on their feet to meet any of your demands). the service here, i would rate good as next to excellent because the orders were taken carefully and they repeat your orders. after you are done with your meal, they will promptly come and clear your plate and ask you how the meal was. the place looks neat and the waiters themselves looked clean. this restaurant serves food that are a fusion of traditional thai street food and the contemporary western food.

the food menu and drink menu are 2 different menus because they have such an array of beverages to choose from. the layout of the menu is classy with visual elements of the dishes and drinks so that we have some idea as to what our dish will look like (yeah, it is not 100% accurate but i can safely say that the food we got was 84% similar to the pictures). the menus also explain the ingredients of the dishes that are available. very grafic and very informative......i like.

they also have alot of sets and deals that you can choose from to go easy on the money.

this is the GREEN CURRY. it is filled with creamy coconut milk with a hint of heat and spice. you can get some pieces of chicken, peas, green onions and spanish onions. but for those who like it hot, this might not be for you cause it is more to the sweet side to counter the heat from bird's eye chillies. could be shared by 2 people. RM9.90

a simple plate of white rice. hontoni kawaii!!! it is uncontemporarily (is there such word?) shaped into a fluffy rectangle. RM2.40

Mixed Vegetable: this dish is lighty stir fried. the base of the dish is most likely to be garlic, fish sauce and oyster sauce. the serving is for 2. RM8.90

Grilled Chicken Salad: this is MY dish!!! i LOVE it hontonii!!! the salad leaves are fresh and crisp. served with french onion and green capsicum slices. there are also some cherry tomatoes. the choice of dressing is up to you. they have 3 choices ( i can't quite remember their names), but i chose the chilli lime sauce. the dressing is served on the side, not like usual, where they mix everything into a mush. the chicken breasts are tender and not too dry. the taste of the chicken breasts permeates right through to the center of the breast piece. RM8.90
we didn't order any drinks because they were on the pricy side. one bottle of mineral water is RM3.00 (which amira had). instead, i went to 7-11 and got my fix of pepsi max and a can of coke light for mammy dearest.
the service charge was 10% of the grand total (which i totally think they deserve because the service was really good and plus, one of the waiters is actually CUTE ...hehehe).
....and as usual, the GST is 5% of grand total.
be bold, be BLACK.
Black Canyon Coffee
Lot 3 & 3A, Ground Floor,
Centre Point, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800, Petaling Jaya.
Fax: +60377274329

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