Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You are AMAZING. That is why I love you.

I know you won't believe me if I say this: Mr DELL has risen from the dead.

After 2 days of being in a coma, I decided to pull the wires off Mr DELL and let him rest in peace. But somehow, at the back of my head, I believed so much that he is still alive. We have been inseparable, therefore, why should we be apart now?

On the evening of the pseudo demise of Mr DELL, I gave him one last kiss. Now I truly believe that "the kiss of life" do exist. Mr DELL jumped back to life and stayed on with me until today.

Although, like most of my patients who suffered a stroke, Mr DELL is working with a slurred speech.

But who is complaining, eh?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kan mama dah cakap, he is simply the best, see you don't believe me, but mr dell and were together for a long time before you know him........... he he he. mr dell still the best company.