Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Even though 1Malaysia is all the rage right now, it is going to take forever to change the minds of Malaysian. I can definitely attest to that.

Many of us have been growing up in shells where we are afraid to explore something out of the norm. Afraid to be heard, afraid to try new things. We are comfortable in the same old, same old. We want the same taste in our mouths, the same language to be heard and spoken of, the same crowd to hang with.

Awww.... come on. Open up already.

Living abroad, away from my family, friends, my shell that I grew in, I am glad that I am not like the others. They say that it is hard to adapt. That the environment is inept. That there is nothing here to their likings.

But, if you allow yourself to be different, to be daring, to be new, you will think positively and see that there are so many things the outside world has to offer as compared to living in that "safe" shell.

Please, stop whining. Start moving.... your mind.

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djambu puadovich said...

whoa! sejak bila amik tau pasal 1Malaysia ni? :P