Sunday, May 30, 2010

Don't play play arr...

The other day before I made my way back to KL, I was just killing time walking around the one of the ONLY 2 happening malls in AS. We were just looking for something to do and we decided to pass through the arcade center.

Each time we pass any arcade center, the first game that I will look for is House of The Dead (the latest version, that is). So, that was exactly what I did. And I saw this stick-thin girl, clad in a Baju Kurung, with her handbag in hand, walking towards the available console and she was happily shooting at zombies.

In my head, she was just probably playing to attract the boys' attention. But when I stood behind her and watched her play, we could make a good team together, she ain't that bad after all.

She even had an ardent fan to view her play, to boot :P

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