Monday, May 3, 2010

Goodbye my friend. May you rest in peace. Amen.

It's been a good 5 years journey you and I had. We've been through many things together. The fights that I have online, the laughter that I shared across the net, the dances that you watched me do.... many things. Many memorable things. You have been with the whole family altogether for a good 11 years. Now, the time has come. You have to make a move. I have to survive without you.

As of 2nd of May 2010, Mr DELL has refused to be revived from his asystole. He passed on peacefully around 2200hours at 2901-P, Taman Golf.

You will be remembered for fighting it through till the end.

NOW, I have s SURE reason to get another lappy!

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Anonymous said...

salam takziah dr ai n fmly..amin

~abc panas~