Saturday, May 22, 2010


Remember the post that I did earlier entitled "Blow me", regarding what I caught a couple doing in a T-SHIRT shop??

Well, here's the thing. The first picture below, was the design proposed to me by BIZandry. I already told them EARLIER that I wanted my T to be DIGITAL PRINT and I want it in colour. They say that they can do it, that it will be no problem, all the promises of a business.

I was even told to pay a deposit, which I did immediately on the day that I discussed what I wanted. They say that they will send me the proposed design and then we will proceed from there. A week passed and nothing was sent to me. But on the day that I caught the couple having fun in that shop, he immediately told me that he already sent the mail and showed me the design.

Obviously I was already really disgusted with what I saw and was angry that he was too busy with "something else" to concentrate on my orders.

So fine. I hunted for another shop.

This design was proposed to me exactly TWO DAYS after I went and told them what I wanted. Happy? Of course I am!

They are more serious with their job and obviously the know that the shop is intended for serious business only and not free-show genital fun.

So, it is only mandatory for me to continue my business with EZEE. At least I know that my T-shirts will not be covered in sperm.

EZEE Management Services & Trading
Stadium Darul Aman, Alor Setar
TEL:04-7305445 / 0124026279

Shame on you BIZandry.

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CHEDEM said...

From the comparison that you given, I surely vote for Ezee design. From the opinion of entrepreneur myself, if somebody doesn't care about their business why should we care about them.