Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So what if I have put on weight?

Yes, I admit, since the last 3 years that I was aneroxic, now I have put on weight. A significant amount of weight, I might add.

And yes, I hear the comments, the taunts about me putting on weight. But let me put this to your face: "So what, Bitch?"

Even with these spare tyres, these flabby thighs, this big junk, I still manage to withstand an hour-long strenuous aerobics, I can still run, I got second place for state-level walkathon, I can climb up the stairs with no problems. Can you?

Even some of my leaner peers can't do these. I am not bragging but what I am trying to say is, how your shape, your size, your weight, does not determine your overall health. As long as you are physically fit, happy, calm and collected, and do not be a bloody busy ass, THEN you are truly overall healthy.

So, revise yourselves before talking about me, eh?


Scorpio Girl said...

darling, I am proud to say that I actually loved the way you looked while we were both in Kursk tau, when we were still roommates..I think you were beautiful with more flesh and what counts' is your confidence no matter in what size you are...so cheers, ignore those bitches and live your life as how to see it fit, for you and not for them...:D

redSeptember said...

hey zaa,
thanks alot for words of encouragements :) yeah, i miss those times too when we were happy and crazy together. thing is, ppl who comment about my weight, they are not a runaway model themselves. weird how their mind works, eh?

see you soon, perhaps?