Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blow me

I was paying my friend who works part time in a T-shirt shop a visit because I wanted to check on the status of my order. I went in casually (as it is an open shop, without the glass doors) and said "Hi" (like what friends would do to each other), but to my wonderment, he didn't reply. Instead, he was bending down and tending something on the carpeted floor behind his work desk.

So, innocently, I thought he was busy checking orders that were stashed in sacks (because I saw some sacks on the floor that were full). I didn't even realized anything. Then something on the sack moved. And to my amazement, I saw that there was a girl, clad in a short sleeved t-shirt and jeans, her red panties sticking out from her low cut jeans, she was in a position of hugging one of the sacks and lying down on another. Innocently again, I thought he was putting her to sleep as I assume that must be his GF. Fine with me.

As I came for business purposes, to talk to him about my orders, I did what I came for. I tried to disregard the fact that there was a girl lying there on the floor behind his work desk. I am not a good body linguist, but I could tell that he was in a panic state, like he was caught red-handed doing something bad.

Then I finally saw it. He was actually covering his waist down, with the cloth of the work desk. He was leaning forwards so that I couldn't see his pants. And when I finally saw his pants, the buttons were undone and the zipper was down.

I kept talking about business and I was angry at him for not keeping to his words about my orders. But my anger was overshadowed by my disgust of what I have just caught them doing. I kept my cool, I gave him the look of disgust (my looks can kill, you know) and tried to get what I want across to him, as clearly, he is too busy to do the job that I gave him.

So, I put 2 and 2 together and I came up with this:

Whatever the hell that they are doing, I am pretty sure that were doing something together with their genitals.

Get a room.

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