Monday, April 26, 2010


Recently, I found out that it is easier for others to speak up to me. They can talk to me about anything and everything under the sun. I am happy that people are opening up to me and they can be rest assured that their stories are theirs only to tell and not mine. I would say that I am like a book of stories, kept shut by the lock of trust.

Not only stories about themselves are told to me, there are stories about others too. I just listen and tend not to comment much. Only speak when my opinions are asked. But sometimes, just because people can tell me anything at all, it is somehow a disadvantage to me.

See, I love honesty. So, if I do something that is not up to anyone's liking, they will definitely let me know. The thing is, the same things are done recklessly by others but no one dares to complain because they are afraid that they might hurt the others. I mean, it is so trivial, I couldn't care less.

But if it were me who did it, they will definitely let me know as soon as possible.

Don't make me say "Shut the F*** up!" to your faces.

You won't like it when I am nasty.

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