Thursday, April 8, 2010

The lighter side of dark

So, the Earth Hour 2010 was back on March 27th, if I am not mistaken. Many people asked me: "Hey, how come you don't support the Earth Hour?"

Seriously, if I were to answer that, I would end up ranting about anything and everything about saving the earth rather than just one measly hour of switching off the electrical items and then going on the street to party or burning more fuel to get to somewhere just so that you can spend the hour in the cold comfort of the air-conditioned cockpit of your car and then you would want to stop at 7-Eleven to get yourself a can of Dad's Rootbeer that you could have just held it in your hand but you insist that you want it to be put in a small plastic bag that you will throw as soon as you step out the glass door of the said 7-Eleven and you have the face to ask me: "why aren't you supporting earth hour?". See, I told you why it was good that I didn't answer that question to start off with.

So the hype was back again and many radio stations supported the cause and say that they will be off air for the whole hour. Really? Don't Bullshit la weii... There were many radio stations that supported Earth Hour and still were blasting on air.

And then those who support earth hour, they shop with plastic bags for EACH effing item that they bought.

Or worse, they support earth hour, party on the streets and dispose the empty canisters on the streets as well.

Please don't talk to me about saving the earth. Save your breath, save the world.

OMGWTFAreyoutalking about??


djambu puadovich said...

dah jadi fan starwars dah ke? hehe

Rex Venom said...

Rock on!