Sunday, April 11, 2010

I hope after this my thighs can fit into a size 27 slim-fit jeans

**nice shoes....

Today is the first day of the posting that i dread most: MEDICINE. I don't know why, but I super don't like medicine at all. I can still stand paeds (although it is actually medicine in so many ways), but not medicine.

I have not been out and about exercising myself for the past week. I have been busy, really, really REALLY busy. Travelling, managing, washing, buying my Mama the perfect gift (oopppsss....that was totally not supposed to be said here)... God knows what other things, but I was extremely occupied. So, I felt a little(a lot actually) guilty for not punishing my already balloon sized figure into working out a sweat for the past week.

But today, I don't think I can make myself to feel guilty even if I tried. Fine, that I didn't workout for the past week. Fine, that I have been eating crazy. WHATEVER!!! Because today, I have been running up and down the stairs. Today, the first day of my dreaded posting, I have been working out, managing the team, one way or another. Burning my calories by not only being highly mobile, but also the stress.

As it is, I was awake since 5am today.....

So I guess I am actually building a love-hate relationship with medicine, no?

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