Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who would have known?

I have known her since 13 years ago. We were friends and known as the back benchers of the class. Not because we were lazy, but simply because we are to tall to be anywhere near the front seats. We joked, we became close, and somehow a bond of more than just friends developed between us. We became the Ronggengs.... a band of sisters, different in so many ways yet so close together.

Last Friday I got a call from my aunt. She was just talking about nothing and I was just hanging on the phone with her. The conversation did not strike my attention until she mentioned that my friend was with her. Initially, I had someone else in mind as I already knew that this other 'friend' turned out to be my far relation.

And she mentioned "Olin".

I was wondering why in God's name is Rozel hanging out with my aunt. After much talk and gossiping, I was told that actually, Rozel and I are somewhat related. The furthest of relations maybe, I am not too sure. But, we are related. I was like WHOA!

After 13 years of friendship, we never knew that we are related and now that we know, I think it is just awesome!


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

cik embun said... in O to the M to the G!! wahhhhh sedara rupenye!