Sunday, March 28, 2010

Information counter

Have you ever gone to an information counter to ask questions and expected to be answered adequately? Once at least? Well, I definitely have. In fact, I love going to the information counter to ask questions, all the time.

But when someone comes up to me and asks me a gazillion questions, do you think I have ALL the answers? NO!! oh please!! Spare me some space. I need to breath too. That though, does not mean that you can't ask me anything. Of course you can. But just gimme some time OK. I need space to think. Yes, petty questions that you can use your noodles to think with, please, ask a 10 year old for the answers...OK?

And also, if you ask me questions and you expect the answer to be the answer that you want to hear, I can't do that either. Or if you ask me questions and you don't believe my answers, then please, don't ask. I am not a miracle, I am just human. I can't set a smile on my face and go on answering you with a lie, unless you want me to. Well, actually I can do that, but don't blame me eh? :)

So, anyway, my question to you: do I look like an information counter?

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