Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tempat yang best....

Sangatlah sorry sebab lama tak ada cerita baru. Bukan tak nak tulis but terlalu sibuk with daily activities. Yeah, sekarang as a shadow houseman, we are expected to work round the clock as them and join the club in getting the scolding and the sarcastic remarks from the specialists. Eh, I don't mind really because they are not out to get us but they are there to educate us. Unlike Mr. Pelik, the surgeons here are great and they are really fun people to be with albeit the sarcasm. But hey, sarcasm shows how smart that person is right? Plus, HSB has the best surgical team locally. So what more could I ask for?

About the house here, we got ourselves a double storey semi-D in Taman Golf. If you Foogle this area, you will not find it. Trust me, aku dah cuba. Taman ni sangat old skool OK. It is like as if I am living at the time when Allahyarham P.Ramlee is living. The design, the decor, the whole feel of it is so 1975. But I like it, very much.

So, today was the only day that we got off early. Selama ni memang we won't get out of the hospital any less than 11hours being in there. Our days start at 0630hours and may sometimes last up to 2200hours. That is fairly normal. I wanted to stay over in the hospital until evening today and work in the A&E dept. But my mind wasn't anywhere in the hospital so I decided to go home straight. Baru la hari ni merasa nikmatnya tidur. Dah la pagi tadi bangkit awal. Nasib Arul datang kejut aku. Tak sempat nak carpool so terpaksa drive sendiri =_="

Jadi petang tadi I went exploring on my own. Took a walk to the Taman Jubilee Perak. It is really nice there. I went walking to the goverment housing area and the bungalows there are to die for!! Jogged around the golf course and then joined the aerobics session that was held at the park. It was really fun. I never had this much fun living in Semeling. More over, Taman Golf is a high-end area and the community here seems OK. Masjid pun across the main road je. Kalau bulan puasa nanti senang la kan.

Kedai2 basic kat sini kira walking distance aja from our house. So OK la. The best part is that it is a family area. So tak nampak macam messy sangat la. Landasan keretapi pun dekat belakang rumah je. Jadi lain kali kalau aku terlambat, takyah la aku nak panic kan? Just kejar keretapi from here je. And ada tempat untuk belajar kickboxing lagi. Ma, I nak join boleh?

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