Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Munky

Baby Wayyan,
It makes KakakLin really sad to see that you are in the patient's gown (but admittedly, you do look adorable in that tiny get-up). I really wonder where you caught the germs from and to read your Daddy's tweets on FB that your temperature has shot up to 41c, that really worries me.

The last time KakakLin saw you, you were also sick. Runny nose, high temp, and the works. But still being the Little Munky Man that you are, you didn't let the nasties got the best of you and you remained as active and adorable as you always are.

I hope the doctors can decipher what is causing all these symptoms in you as soon as possible. I can't stand looking at you like that, so tiny, so fragile, and so sick. But don't worry Sayang, I know you are strong and that you will fight the nasties with all you have.

Dear Allah,
Please take away all the nasties from Baby Wayyan and make him a healthy, bouncy, baby boy.


p/s: KakakLin misses you and loves you loads Baby Wayyan...

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