Saturday, February 20, 2010

It hurts doesn't it?

So, yeah, I left you already. Left everything behind. All the moments that we had, good or bad, goodbye to them. I forgive and forget. I know revenge is sweet, but I also know that Karma is the ultimate bitch. So, let it be OK. I remember everything. See, that is the problem with me. I just do. Whatever we did together, how much fun we had, how generous you were, how God-damned different you have became, I remember.

So why when I wanted to go away (which was actually what you wanted), it was hard for you to let me go? I mean come on. It is not like I knew you yesterday only. I knew you like the back of my hands, and I definitely can see your feelings from your eyes. Even when I was at verge of putting pedal to the metal, you still called me. I know, I know, you wanted me to teach you something first. But apart from that, it was that lingering feeling that overwhelmed the tension that had built between us, right?

Seriously, I am not the type to hold grudges. Life's too short. I just wanna be happy. So, thanks again, for everything and anything.

So long fare thee well....and I go....

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