Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From table to head

I caught a picture of this guy while waiting in line to check Amira in at the counter on the day that she was supposed to go back. He is so proud donning the straw hat that I was in awe to see him. Actually that hat-like thing is used as a food cover when food is left on the table in Malay homes. But he took it a distance further and made it into a hat and wore it indoors, no less.

See, he dares to be different.

Being different is very dissimilar to being alone. Many people regard that being different is the cause for us to be alone. Not that true. There are many people that are different in so many ways in this world and definitely they are not alone. They maybe alone in their geographical area, but generally, they are not really alone.

Nobody can truly be alone. We always need someone. Someone to talk to, someone to lean on, someone to catch our fall, someone to do anything with us. We don't need many persons, just another person so that we can reflect on who we really are. My mom always says that in this world, we are alone, and we will die alone. Death is a lonely process but when we die, we do need others to manage our death. And we are still alive, we need to keep good relations with the people most important to us, our family.

Personally, I don't think I can be alone. I may look like a loner, but I definitely need someone to talk to. I have thoughts and I need my thoughts to be heard. Blogging is a fine example of how we can never be alone. We are talking to others thru the WWW. So in essence, no one can actually be alone.

It is OK to be different, but it is not OK to be alone.


djambu puadovich said...

i beg to differ...[saja cari gaduh kn? hehe] ;)

CHEDEM said...

Yups that's true. Really true.