Saturday, July 9, 2011

HO survival kit: Ditelan mati anak, diluah mati bapak

As a HO one should realize that no matter what you do, even if you have said it right, saved a life, whatever, you are WRONG.... and I mean, ALWAYS.

The life chain when you become a HO goes lie this:

Consultant -> specialist -> MO -> Sister -> staff nurse -> PPK -> cleaner -> HO

Yes, we are at the bottom of the life chain. Believe me, this is true.

There was once, during those OT days, where you are expected to go for rounds, then finish your ward work and then go to OT to learn something, my name was on the list to be in OT. But we were told by the CONSULTANT to finish our ward work before we go off to OT since there are already the superiors in OT to do the job.

So, we all went off to our respective wards, trying to finish our work when the ward phone rang and the Superior called and ask why wasn't there any HO in OT. Naturally, I answered and said that the CONSULTANT has already ordered us to finish our work first and then go to OT.

But with arrogance, the Superior said that this is the last warning because we did not follow HIS direct orders.


So, if we don't follow the consultant's orders, we're dead. And if we don't follow the Superior's orders, we are also dead. We are in trouble no matter what. It is like you are balancing on a fine tight rope that even with a swift blow of wind, you will fall......

and fall.....

and fall.....

and then you get extended, sometimes for no apparent reason.

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Anonymous said...

How often do u see HOs being extended nowadays? If it were to easy to extend a HO, then i think there will a lot less discipline problems among the HOs. At least, HO won't be so daring in M-I-A from work so often. Probably you're one of the better HO, and of course there also so jerks MOs. You can find such group of people in any organizations. You can complain from the HO point of view, when u became a MO, do u dare say u will never behave just like another MO?