Friday, July 15, 2011

HO survival kit: Ikut resam padi, makin berisi, makin tunduk.

Everyday we hear: the key to life is HUMILITY. We are told to be humble and remember that this is a borrowed earth, not ours, but God's.

Problem is, some people just don't believe in God and they can come up with the statement: "This is my place and here I am God". Had the shocker of my life when I heard that. And for some people, they do believe that God is around is just that sometimes, most oftenly, they tend to forget the existence of God. Well, we are imperfect, so we forget.

No matter who we are, the higher we go, the more humble we should be. That is why there are times, instead of eating with the health care provider people, I sit in the Faber's (cleaner's) pantry and eat with them. That is why, with each and every patient, no matter where there are from, I make sure that I attend to their every single whim and question. I do not judge them. I talk to them, I never leave them wondering: "Hey what is next?"

I wonder what goes through their splendid minds when they intervene in someone else's territory just like that. Without any formal introduction, just because they are in the same level, they just come and butt in with just: "excuse me, excuse me" and start to attend to the patient, leaving the main team awestrucked as to: "Who on God's earth are you?".

Although, there are some of them who are so humble, they never forget that they were once like us, they started off like us, they went through everything like us. Those whom I mentioned, I respect them. They EARNED their respect, they didn't ask for it.

I hope there are more like them around.

The higher you go, the harder you fall.....

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