Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 14 of life as a Houseman

Today is D14 of my new life as a HO. It is a tough life, but i am tougher to make it through to today. I know of some of my other friends who quit on D2 itself and I keep on wondering what have made them change their mind so drastically.

On the 1st day, I was left to do a discharge summary for a patient that I have no idea of and also, I don't even know how to do a discharge summary. My friend just left me there with a few instructions and i was supposed to do everything else on my own. I put on a mask immediately and put all the shyness away. I asked around of what to do. I got scolding on the first day itself because I didn't know how to request for some blood pints. But it's ok, i learned to be thick skinned.

During my 4th tagging day, I was left to be in the ward alone with my patients. I was to present these patients to the MO and also the specialist. And of course many more scoldings took place but I just learn from my mistakes.

Tagging was supposed to be for 14days but I never made it to that. By day 7, I was already on call. First hand management of acute and emergency patients that are sent to the ward. I only managed my self 2 clicks of shut eye and the progressing to the next day as if i had slept for the last 1 week.

I have learned that there are many different people to work with out there. Some are ok, some are just better left alone. I just make sure that my job is done and that my patients are safe to be discharged home or to be passed over to the on call person.

Today is day 14 and i am post call last night. Been running around from OT to and fro. I am raggedy ass tired and sleepy. But today, i have to stop thinking about sleep cause currently i am on call for mobile blood bank. Thank God there is wi-fi here. Or else I will be snoozing by now already......


Anonymous said...

doctor, doctor, mamak you sakit doctor, hert ketek.

love you darling, just sabar, Allah jua yang mengeriti dan yang menizinkan

johan said...

ah fasihnya berbahasa inggeris. saya harap saya juga fasih berbahasa inggeris.

Adzrul Ariff said...

Go Alia! Just take everything with stride. Once you become the competent HO around, the MO and specialist will suddenly be nice to you.

Oncall Mobile blood bank? Err...whats that? I didn't have such a call during my HO days. :)